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About Us

Yip Yip Studios (f.k.a. Sevillana Comics) chronicles the spooky adventures of Sev, Pickles, Fluffy, Io, Barry and Kurt Sandies, as they get used to life in a haunted house!  Follow their shenanigans through our comic strips and YouTube animations.

Marina Williams

Marina once pondered how neat it would be to have a kitty who breathes fire as a pet.  After creating the original Sevillana comic strip, with a slew of supporting characters to follow Pickles the Fire-Breathing Cat, Yip Yip Studios was born!  Armed with a Diploma in 3D Computer Animation and a sense of imagination, Marina is most likely found beavering away drawing on her graphics tablet with sandwich crumbs down the front of her top.

Fun fact:  Marina chose the name “Yip Yip” after frequently uttering the phrase, meaning yes, while in a hurry.

“Are you ready yet?”
“Yip yip!  I’m on my way!”

Hayden Young

Hayden is the technologically savvy member of the duo.  This software developer extraordinaire is responsible for our soon-to-be-released iPhone games, as well as being a talented animator who will be contributing greatly to our upcoming pilot episode of the series.  As Marina’s partner, both professionally and romantically (how’s that for spicy?), he acts as the ultimate quality controller for all things comedic.  Hayden is most likely found playing Hearthstone and sipping on jasmine tea.

Fun fact:  Hayden has lovingly squeak-tested each and every Pickles plushie, ensuring that any kitty you adopt will be loud and proud!