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Ren (Fluffy) McFluffin

Most Noticeable Physical Feature: Mini-Mohawk

Nationality: Japanese

Most Likely Found: Practising his squat thrusts

Favourite Colour: Cool grey

Favourite Food: Ramen

Least Favourite Food: Candy

Likes: Working out, securing perimeters, assorted weaponry

Dislikes: Intruders, laziness, complacency
Ren McFluffin (Fluffy to his friends) idolises all things masculine and action-packed, despite his name betraying that underneath it all he really is just a giant marshmallow!

The self-proclaimed vigilante of the group, he is constantly on high alert due to his untrustworthiness of the mansion's walking tour customers. Fluffy is proud of his accomplishment of rigging up the security system spanning the entirety of the house, coupled with regular frisk searches of each person as they pass through the front door.

Living in a haunted mansion is something that Fluffy initially would have regarded as a nightmare, but in reality has proven to be a stimulating challenge for his sense of adventure. Will Fluffy continue kicking ass as the group's main protector, or will the spooky shenanigans end up being too much to tangle with? There's only one thing he's sure of, and that's that reinstating surprise cavity searches is probably a good idea, despite what Sev says.
Originally based on the series' co-founder, Hayden Young.

Originally named Chet McFluffin. The change from Chet to Ren was made in order to highlight the character's Japanese heritage.