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Most Noticeable Physical Feature: Green fur

Most Likely Found: Playing with breakable objects around the house

Favourite Colour: Violet

Favourite Food: Marshmallows

Least Favourite Food: Sardines

Likes: Daydreaming, listening to musicals, getting carried everywhere instead of walking

Dislikes: Getting brushed, forests, babysitters
Ever since the 'Paranormalypse', all living things have been affected since a good portion of paranormal beings decided to emigrate from the Other Dimension and live on Earth. Cats, for instance, gained certain powers, and Pickles is no exception.

With the "Power of Jalapeño", Pickles was born green with the ability to breathe fire (due to his 'spicy' nature). In his temper he'll puff up, a bit like a pufferfish, and let out his fiery wrath until he's all tuckered out.

Despite his combative powers, Pickles is generally good-tempered when he's able to be carried around by Sev (thus avoiding the "strain" of running around like a regular kitty). Now living in a haunted house, Pickles' curious adventures have surprisingly gone largely unaffected. Perhaps because its ghostly inhabitants are trying to avoid his mewling renditions of show tunes!
The creation of Pickles was originally inspired by the 42nd episode of The Simpsons, Treehouse of Horror II, where their cat Snowball gains the ability to breathe fire.