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Sevillana (Sev)

Name Pronunciation: "Sev-ill-ya-na"

Most Noticeable Physical Feature: Poofy, wavy hair

Nationality: Half Spanish, quarter Welsh, quarter English

Most Likely Found: Vlogging her TV and film analyses

Favourite Colour: Gold

Favourite Food: Spaghetti

Least Favourite Food: Kale

Likes: Formulating ideas to promote the haunted mansion walking tours, jazz funk, babying Pickles

Dislikes: Sweat-inducing physical activity, 3 AM, scary-looking dogs
Sev started out as a secretary, living alone with her cat Pickles. After inheriting a mansion and a not-so-small amount of debt from her deceased Aunt Audrina, Sev had to choose between allowing the estate to be sold to pay off the debt immediately, or find a way to pay it off in regular instalments. Choosing the latter, Sev and the gang moved in and started their business of hosting daily walking tours of the "haunted house on the hill".

Initially making up stories of fictional ghosts and ghouls stalking the hallways, Sev has now discovered that the mansion really IS haunted and that her newfound spooky housemates are not pleased by the sudden disruption!

Will this turn into the best business opportunity ever? Or will Sev muck this up like the time she tried to spray paint the designs of the Sistine Chapel on the bathroom ceiling? Only time will tell.
Originally based on the series creator, Marina Williams.