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Io Mephistopheles

Name Pronunciation: "Eye-oh Meff-ah-stoff-ah-lees"

Most Noticeable Physical Feature: Pink skin

Nationality: Demon

Most Likely Found: Shopping

Favourite Colour: Magenta

Favourite Food: Risotto

Least Favourite Food: Monster Munch

Likes: Decorating, video games, practical jokes

Dislikes: Family reunions in Hell, plaid, being marginalised
Descended from the Mephistopheles family, one of the many demon lineages who moved to Earth since the 'Paranormalypse', Io generally acts and looks human (save for her pink skin and horns of course!).

Io's demonic powers are that of a succubus, having the ability to draw both men and women to her like a moth to the flame. Although she experiences a certain degree of malevolent urges every now and again, Io is very good at keeping herself in check and prefers enjoying her time shopping and acting like a big sister to Sev.

Now that Io is living again with paranormal beings in this haunted house, will she succeed in convincing the spirits to live harmoniously with the gang? Or will the spirits succeed in convincing Io to unleash her inner devil? Whatever happens, she's going to change the kitchen curtains first at least. They're hideous.
The creation of Io has been inspired by a variety of sources, particularly Junji Ito's Tomie; Veronica Lodge; Callie Maggotbone from Ugly Americans; and Atlus's Catherine.