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Most Noticeable Physical Feature: Long, melodramatic hair

Most Likely Found: Reading Gothic literature

Favourite Colour: Ebony

Favourite Food: Sunday roast

Least Favourite Food: Lamb

Likes: Playing the piano, solving mysteries, praise

Dislikes: Team sports, club music, high fives
Barry is an investigator at heart, passionate about all things related to paranormal and extraterrestrial mysteries. Goth and proud of it, Barry enjoys pondering the dark side of life and considers the post-Paranormalypse world to be better than ever.

Blessed with exceptional intelligence, he tends to be impatient and gets irritated at others for not "getting it" when explaining his theories. Nevertheless, he maintains a good friendship with the gang and enjoys their appreciation of his genius.

Now faced with a haunted mansion brimming with mysteries and secrets to be uncovered, Barry is fully ready to take advantage of these opportunities! Especially the opportunity of perhaps falling into a ghostly romantic entanglement. He certainly refuses to spend another Valentine's Day getting drunk on flirtinis with Kurt Sandies again, that's for sure.
Originally based on one of Marina's friends, who finds aliens fascinating.