Pickles Plush Toy Twin Set

Pickles Plush Toy Twin Set

Pickles Plush Toy Twin Set

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You’ve seen Pickles in the comic strip Yip Yip, now you can play with him in real life in all his fuzzy squishy goodness!  Don’t let your guard down with this ball of fluff, this li’l kitty, who had the misfortune of accidentally eating a jalapeño, breathes fire!

In this set you get both plushies in our collection: Happy Pickles and Fire-Breathing Pickles.  Two heads are better than one – adopt these kitties today!

N.B.  These cats don’t actually breathe fire.  Unless you feed them jalapeños, then we’re not taking responsibility bruh.


  • They squeak!
  • They’re 8cm tall and 9cm wide.  For ages 3 and up.
  • Super cute and perfect for livening up your surroundings (they look great on my work desk)!
  • Delight your friends by squeaking at them.  As Bart Simpson once said when he became Stretch Dude, “I must only use this power to annoy!”
  • The comfort in knowing that these kitties will always love you.  Even if your breath stinks.

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