Welcome to the Site!

Welcome to the Site!

It’s…  It’s ALIVE!!!

Welcome!  It’s been a long and crazy road but we finally got here – no more placeholder site for us, we’re now here in our snazzy new online home filled with hot new features such as:

The attributes; backstory and trivia for every character (we now have a new roster)!

Our Official Shop (ready to nab the lowest price? Come shop directly with us)!

Comics comment section (let’s have a chat)!

This blog (for reviews, behind-the-scenes guff and more)!

So please do come in, let us hang your coat for you and take your pick of aperitif – Sev does a mean hot chocolate and you can’t beat Kurt Sandies for a cocktail – while spooky shenanigans await you!

I’ll be back in a sec, lemme go and put on some celebration tunes.  Mmmm…groovy.

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  1. Inspirational Angel 01/11/2017 at - Reply

    Congratulations!!! 😀
    Finally your website is online! I know you have been working very hard for this and the site looks really great. Congratulations again. You Rock!

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